Some Thoughts to Consider

Lack doubt and you lack restraint.

125 million women suffered genital mutilation in the last decade.

No hand was stayed with doubt.

You may feel this is a straw man argument.

So tell me, how much narcoleptic unthink is the right amount of narcoleptic unthink?

Say; 'Faith destroys our scruples. We can love without faith!'

You will shrink the pool butchers swim in.

If truth is the first casualty of war, faith is the plundering victor.

Tempered by generations, it is weaponized philosophy.

Bound to a single model, shorn of perspective, in arcing hubris, the faithful march.

Faith, your shield, defends you from ravaging circumstance. Faith the lance skewers ambiguity.

Bloody gauntlet's hold a blade honed with liturgy. Will it hang forever in some armourer's hall?

The first selfish act is always self deceit. Lie to ourselves and any cruelty is possible.

Faith is the camouflage of deception. The reconnaissance of advancing fraud. The vanguard of cruelty.

Who suggested you seek the summit of blessings? What where they selling?

What am I selling? I sell questions. Why? Good question! I will add it to your bill.

What is the price of certainty?

What does it cost not to know?

I can say your God may exist.

Can you say she may not? —Rohan Freeman