How Did You Get Your Testimony?

How Did You Get Your Testimony?

What the Internet is to Mormonism, the printing press was to Catholicism. Due to the Internet and massive exodus of members, the LDS Church has in recent years released a series of damning essays giving its response to its historical and doctrinal problems and inconsistencies.

The most powerful and effective steps to deconstructing a Mormon’s belief system are the following:

  1. Introduce them to the Church’s Essays ( while mentioning that “yesterday’s ‘anti-Mormon lies’ are now today’s Church essays verified facts”.

  2. Do Street Epistemology focusing on how “the Spirit” is an unreliable method to discerning truth and reality. The Spirit, to a Mormon, is the foundation to their belief system and testimony. Key is to point out how members of Mormon offshoot sects (FLDS, RLDS, etc.) also use the same method to coming to their own testimonies that their offshoots and prophets are instead the true ones.

Same is true with followers of major religions using the same method with god telling them their prophet, book, religion is true.

How can they all be true together? How can we trust such a method with so many contradictory answers from god? Excellent video that drives home this point.

  1. Ask them if they agree with the following quote given by prophet, seer, and revelator President J. Reuben Clark:

“If we have the truth, no harm can come from investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed.”

If they agree, ask them how they can truly effectively and unbiasedly investigate the LDS Church’s truth claims. If they seem open to investigation and want to learn more, direct them to and —Jeremy Runnells